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We’re ICF Next (formerly Olson 1to1) and we’re pleased to introduce ourselves. In today’s fractured, noisy marketplace, it’s harder than ever to establish and maintain meaningful relationships with customers. Even in a deeply personal category like eyewear and eye care, customers are increasingly bombarded with offerings from new players in the space, poorly conceived and impersonal messages from brands they know, and compelling value propositions from digital-native brands. That’s where we come in …

We’re leaders in loyalty

The Forrester Wave™: Customer Loyalty Solutions, Q3 2017

The Forrester Wave™: Loyalty Technology Platforms, Q2 2019

In fact, we’re the only leader with deep experience in the eyewear category. We’ve spent years getting to know what resonates with your customers. And we’re deeply focused on helping our clients stay ahead of the curve in dealing with an evolving customer engagement marketplace. We empower our partner brands to deliver relevant, real-time engagement with their customers. The type of engagement that can deliver bottom-line results to your business and activate unwavering advocacy among your best customers.

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We delivered an 11% increase in incremental sales, $178M overall
-  For Luxottica’s largest retail optical brand, LensCrafters.

We’re changemakers

We're led by pioneers in the loyalty industry, inspired by the best innovative thinkers in the space. It’s why we've been named a Leader in the Forrester Wave™ list of leading loyalty providers three times running.

Unlike our competition, we have purpose-built our loyalty and CRM capabilities for the new realities of today’s digital and customer experience age. The combination of our strategic expertise, powerful analytics and insightful creative has played a major role in our rise to becoming one of the leading providers of end-to-end loyalty solutions. Our extensibility and adaptability have earned us a reputation in the industry that is unmatched.

Optical Capabilities

Our eyewear experience is deep

Our collaborative partnership with you is the key to our success

Our clients have often referred to us as an extension of their own team. We pride ourselves on being passionate about your business and your customers.

We partnered with Luxottica beginning the year of our company’s founding, 2007, up until a couple of years ago — with the long-range goal of helping Luxottica build up its capabilities and expertise in house. During that time, we created an industry-leading approach to winning and keeping customers, one eye exam or pair of glasses at a time, while also keeping customers engaged for the long haul.

Our vision for engaging Luxottica’s customers has been aligned and refined across virtually all brands in its portfolio.

Now that all of that hard work and collaboration is complete, we can help other optical companies do the same.

“Something [ICF Next] brings to the table, that I’ve never had with another partner, is a heartfelt commitment to our success.”

-The Forrester Wave™: Customer Loyalty Solutions, Q3 2017

Together we can achieve sales that exceed expectations

The numbers don’t lie. Our impact shows up in the results over and over again. It’s the easiest way for you to know we’re doing our job.

We routinely achieved incremental sales growth year over year for the largest and core brand in Luxottica’s portfolio (LensCrafters), and we surpassed our plan each year. In one year we delivered an 11% increase in incremental sales, triple-digit ROI and double-digit response rates year over year; driving $178M in incremental sales.

We do this by investing ourselves in your business

We understand the unique challenges of the category and align our capabilities to drive impact.

The reasons that a consumer comes to the eyewear industry are varied. Style. Medical insurance. Stage of life. Necessity. These are just a handful of the many factors involved in purchasing eyewear and eye care. We get this. And we also understand that keeping and engaging customers through the long buying cycle, while breaking through competitors’ message clutter, is a main challenge for the eyewear industry.

Keeping the customer at the center of all of our decisions

We build relationships with your customers that go straight to your bottom line. Because the more you get to know your customer, the more you’ll delight them.

We understand that buying glasses is a uniquely personal expression of self, and there are hundreds of factors that affect buyers’ decisions. Our unique approach for our Luxottica clients was to help them understand their customers in a holistic way through defined segments. We helped uncover the areas of greatest opportunity and developed creative that brought those uniquely targeted messages to life.

We use a process fueled by strategy. And activated through smart, engaging creative.

You can have the best data in the world, but if you don’t know how to activate on opportunities within each segment, your message will fall on deaf ears.

We have evolved over time to support all aspects of the customer journey. Our journey began by focusing on a key moment of truth for the customer: the eye exam. For many, an eye exam is the means to an end for them to get their new glasses. From this core moment, we identified other key customer moments, ranging from a post-purchase series of communications to cross-sell moments to equity product moments that all motivate the customer to come back for their annual eye exam. Additionally, our journey includes trigger-based moments like celebrating the customer’s birthday, and calendar-based moments like semi-annual sales and new product rollouts.

All of these moments are covered in our journey and are delivered to the customer in their home in a broad, multichannel way designed to deliver the greatest impact.

In the end, we design things that are game-changing

Sometimes the best way to approach a problem is by trying something that’s never been done before. Ever.

In 2016, we helped the client tell a very important story about new eye exam technology to their customers (focused on a key target audience of moms). They wanted to create a breakthrough moment that went beyond the revolutionary eye exam technology itself to strike an emotional chord that resonated with the key target audience.

We imagined and designed an experiential, immersive, 360° video

This experience put the target audience into the eyes of a child with vision problems in a classroom setting. The 360-degree immersion allowed moms/parents to experience the sights, sounds and struggles of a child who may not be able to articulate his or her vision impairment. It also allowed moms/parents a chance to experience a side-by-side simulation of their child’s corrected and uncorrected vision.

The video resonated with parents everywhere, garnering emotional responses, praise, and even relief—with reopened eyes.

Client Work

Corporate Capabilities

We build long-lasting relationships

Our vision is best encapsulated by the following three commitments we make to clients. We commit to:

  • Help our clients form lasting, meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with their customers.
  • Deliver measurable return on investment for our clients’ customer engagement activities and their investment in us as a partner.
  • Understand our clients’ businesses and challenges as well as they do and to maintain a heartfelt commitment to ensuring our clients are successful in everything they do.

Plus, we have the right mix of capabilities to deliver extraordinary results

As a full-service loyalty and CRM agency, we organize our core service offerings into these five areas of focus:

  • Strategy – CRM strategy, customer journey mapping, loyalty program design, communication strategy and promotional planning
  • Technology – CRM and loyalty technology planning and selection, technology platform implementation and Tally® loyalty technology platform
  • Marketing Operations – Campaign configuration, management and reporting
  • Creative – Program branding, digital design, UX/UI design, email design and development, content creation and management
  • Analytics – Operational reporting and dashboards, data visualization, advanced analytics and modeling

As marketers move beyond campaigns into the age of always-on, dynamic, personalized brand experiences, it is our point of view that all of these capabilities—whether supplied by one agency partner, multiple agencies, a hybrid agency/brand approach or by internal brand teams—must work closely together and in concert to deliver truly standout modern marketing efforts.

We have everything you need, but if you don’t need everything, we are collaborative by nature, allowing us to insert ourselves precisely where you need us.

So we can help you connect with your customers … personally

While we spend a lot of time connecting with your customers in the virtual and 1-to-1 space, syncing your CRM and retail experiences is critical to your success. It’s true, we have extensive experience in the optical/eyewear category, but our experience extends far beyond this. We’ve worked with leading brands across a wide variety of verticals including travel, hospitality, restaurant, financial services, and, particularly, retail.

In fact, our roots as an
agency are in the retail space

Which only helps us close the loop on your sales goals. From the day we opened our doors serving our first client, Best Buy, we’ve lived at the speed of retail. We understand that the challenges retailers face today are immense; ceaseless competition, fickle trends, store staffing challenges and distracted, always-on consumers barely scratch the surface.

We pride ourselves on being able to bring to bear the right core capabilities in creative, marketing operations, strategy, technology and analytics. Together we offer the insights, expertise, creative edge and vision our clients need to win their customers in this highly competitive age. This drives innovative, personalized experiences and a consistent message from your ever-changing store staff to deliver measurable growth.

Retail clients we’ve supported,
to name a few:

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