An immersive digital journey of the European Parliament

Tasked with engaging more people in the European democratic process, ICF Next created Experience the Parliament in 360°—an innovative approach to inviting citizens behind the scenes of the European Parliament

To drive awareness and citizen engagement in the democratic process, ICF Next was commissioned to build a series of interactive digital experiences that encourage European citizens to engage with and learn more about democracy, and the people and places of the European Parliament.


During a pandemic and with 450 million citizens spread across 27 countries and 24 official languages, the European Parliament wanted to encourage connection with its work for the benefit of citizens. Despite the original project being born of the pandemic lockdowns, the 360° virtual tour must also serve as an educational engagement tool in outreach to citizens in member states ahead of the elections in 2024.


We created an immersive virtual tour to bring the European Parliament to the citizens who are called upon to vote for their representatives every five years in the European Elections. Our solution takes users—via various devices—on an informative, guided tour of the Parliament buildings in Brussels and Strasbourg.

The digital experience brings together multimedia content including a drone flythrough, interviews with Members of the European Parliament (MEP) and the European Parliament President, as well as 360° interactive videos. The full package of products developed by ICF Next can be experienced through the Digital Journey to the European Parliament.

experience-the-european-parliament-client-story content-image1experience-the-european-parliament-client-story content-image1

The start of the Experience the Parliament in 360° at the Agora Simone Veil - Image courtesy of the European Parliament


The experience gives citizens the chance to meet, discover, and experience the European Parliament—and to better understand what goes on at the heart of European democracy. The Digital Journey lets users meet the people behind the European institutions and hear in their own words how their work impacts the everyday lives of citizens.

experience-the-european-parliament-client-story content-image2experience-the-european-parliament-client-story content-image2

Part of the Experience the Parliament in 360° from inside the Hemicyle

Image courtesy of the European Parliament

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