Create holistic CX by focusing on Return on Experience (ROX)

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Nov 11, 2020

The number one question every marketing leader should be asking – regardless of their digital transformation maturity: “Do I know the return on my customer experiences (ROX) from my digital transformation investments?” The second question: “Am I investing in digital for the sake of updating systems and technology – or – am I investing to deliver better customer experiences that motivate profitable behaviors?” Join us to learn how Goodlife Fitness, Canada’s leading health and fitness brand, invested in technology to create new ways of engaging with their customers, provide more customer value – all while increasing revenue. 

In this webinar, our guest speaker Forrester Principal Analyst TJ Keitt will share the current trends of customer experience in a COVID-19 world. Jonathan Fagg, director of digital and media at Goodlife Fitness, and Sherief Salem, digital strategy lead at ICF Next, will share how they implemented a strategic framework focusing on a tangible return on experience (ROX) for Goodlife. 

What you’ll learn:

  • How customer experience is the battleground for differentiation
  • How employee experience leads to more significant customer experience
  • How you can build a financial model for ROX and apply it to your initiatives
  • How Goodlife Fitness is applying ROX to their digital transformation
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