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Greenhouse Gas Mitigation & Accounting

ICF delivers state-of-the-art GHG accounting and mitigation services to clients looking to develop and implement cost-effective strategies to reduce emissions and transition to climate friendly technologies.

ICF works with public- and private-sector clients, including national, state, regional, and local government agencies, multilateral institutions, and other international entities, to understand and inventory greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; develop and respond to mandatory and voluntary emission reduction targets; identify, analyze, and prioritize emission reduction strategies; and track progress over time.

ICF supports every stage of GHG management:

  • ICF remains at the forefront of developing methodologies to estimate GHG emissions.
  • We help organizations and country governments to design and develop high-quality, robust inventories, consistent with widely accepted and/or mandatory guidelines.
  • We support our public sector clients to design, implement, and monitor voluntary and regulatory GHG reporting, monitoring, and verification programs.
  • We prepare technical, economic, and public policy analyses to assist clients in understanding the costs and benefits associated with various mitigation scenarios and the impact of proposed policy options.
  • We help our clients understand and respond to regulations and policies.
  • We collaborate with our clients to set, track, and achieve GHG reduction targets.

ICF works with leading public and private organizations worldwide to design and implement solutions related to GHG management and environmental strategy. We understand the domestic and international policy drivers that influence GHG mitigation investment and help clients identify and prioritize actions that achieve their targets and support their mission.