Selling electric aviation: How to get early adopters to buy aircraft

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Jul 7, 2021

Europe has set ambitious emission goals for the aviation sector.

Airlines are increasingly under pressure to decarbonize. The race for new and more sustainable aircraft technology is on. With a range of new aircraft and use cases in development, electric, hybrid, and hydrogen alternatives are being put forward.

At present, small, short-haul electric aircraft represent the leading edge of commercialization. Electric aviation will clearly be part of the solution, particularly over the next 5 years.

The technology is advancing rapidly—but there are a range of business and economic issues in the way of commercial launch—notably ownership costs, infrastructure, and certification. We are holding a series of three webinars during 2021 to deep dive into each of these business roadblocks.

This first session deals with the challenges of selling aircraft to early adopter operators—who will face start-up cost and business risk in proving out the viability of this technology.

Watch our on-demand webinar to experience a thoughtful dialogue from key stakeholders on ways to overcome this issue.

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