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Veteran cyber apprenticeships

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By Mark Ouellette and Emily Appel-Newby

After transitioning out of active duty, former members of the military leave their service with a robust skill set. Yet up to 80% of transitioning service members (TSM) also leave without secure employment, and nearly two-thirds of transitioning veterans leave their first job within a year.

Apprenticeships are excellent vehicles to address unemployment and job turnover for veterans. They offer holistic training and employment opportunities for TSMs while adding value for employers. In particular, cybersecurity is a field where we see high demand for veterans because of their security clearance and experience with security protocols.

Read this white paper to learn about:

  • ICF’s model for a veteran cyber apprenticeship program.
  • How the model will introduce the cybersecurity career pathway to TSMs through pre-separation training opportunities.
  • Matching TSMs to employers looking to develop new talent.
  • Additional support for TSMs entering the civilian cybersecurity workforce, such as peer support and virtual coaching.
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By Mark Ouellette and Emily Appel-Newby

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