Is green finance at a tipping point?

Is green finance at a tipping point?
By Jerome Kisielewicz, Jonathan Lonsdale, Thibaud Lemercier, and Yann Verstraeten
Jun 4, 2021

Despite the trending topic of green finance, obstacles remain to embedding climate concerns into global financial considerations.

Green finance is everywhere nowadays.

In fact, it’s considered by policymakers, NGOs, and businesses to be the key to addressing climate change and other environmental concerns. Even mainstream banks and investors are making traction on green finance.

But while green finance is the new trendy topic, it remains very marginalized in the grand scheme of things. The good news is that the financial markets are moving, and COVID-19 recovery packages offer a unique opportunity to accelerate the pace of change. 

In fact, we may just very well be at a powerful tipping point for green finance.

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Meet the authors
  1. Jerome Kisielewicz, Managing Consultant, Sustainable Finance + ICF Climate Center Senior Fellow

    Jerome leads work in the field of European sustainable and positive impact finance, combining expertise in climate, renewable energy, and biodiversity finance. View bio

  2. Jonathan Lonsdale, Consulting Director, Sustainable Finance

    Jonathan drives sustainable finance into existing and emerging European climate-neutral value chains, with more than 25 years of experience developing European public policy in environment, energy, and climate change. View bio

  3. Thibaud Lemercier, Managing Consultant, Sustainable Finance and Climate Policy

    Thibaud’s core experience is in climate strategy & policy for financial institutions and public organizations. He has an excellent track record in consulting at international level.  View bio

  4. Yann Verstraeten, Senior Consultant, Sustainable Finance Practice

    Yann is an expert in economics and environmental science and management who helps public and private organizations with low-carbon and biodiverse transitions. View bio

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