How to communicate effectively to foster climate action

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By Elena Linczenyiova, Dr. Helen Etchanchu, Dr. Elsa Kassardjian, and Dr. Adrien Jahier
Director, Content and Policy + ICF Climate Center Senior Fellow

Effectively communicating about climate change is a unique challenge for global governments—it must strike a delicate balance between communicating the scientific details of climate change without too much jargon, and conveying the seriousness of the situation without making the cause seem hopeless.

How then is best to communicate with citizens about climate change and mobilize them to take action on climate issues? In this report, we present the latest insights from organizational, behavioral, social, and communication science on how to effectively frame climate messaging, motivate behavioral change, and communicate with young people. Topics covered include:

  • Examples of different communication models that can shape how you talk about climate change
  • How social contagion can be effectively used to spread climate-friendly behaviors
  • Key challenges to anticipate and plan for as you develop your strategy in reaching younger generations

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In collaboration with our academic partners from COAST Montpellier

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Meet the authors
  1. Elena Linczenyiova, Director, Content and Policy + ICF Climate Center Senior Fellow

    Elena translates the complexity of European Union policies into clear and engaging content, with over two decades of strategic communication and broadcast journalism experience. View bio

  2. Dr. Helen Etchanchu, Montpellier Business School, Chair for Communication and Organizing for Sustainability Transformation, co-author and scientific guarantor of Climate Communication report
  3. Dr. Elsa Kassardjian, Head of Research Valorisation - Montpellier Business School, co-author of Climate Communication report
  4. Dr. Adrien Jahier, Freelance consultant & trainer in ecological redirection and communication for Belgian, French and EU organizations, co-author of Climate Communication report