When it comes to the useful life of renewables, can 40 be the new 25?

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Useful life is a vital factor in any renewable asset valuation. But painting with too broad a brush when performing useful life valuations can do renewables a disservice, and severely undercount their true value. So how can we accurately estimate the lifespan of renewable technologies on a case-by-case basis?  

In this paper we identify six key areas that evaluators should look for to understand the potential, defensible useful life of renewable assets, and explore whether the projected use life for green projects might be significantly higher than what conventional wisdom might lead you to expect.  

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  • The most significant impediments to longevity green technologies currently face  
  • How increasing renewable asset use life can significantly impact renewables’ true asset value 
  • How existing facility operators stand to benefit from certain proactive measures to extend the useful life of technologies like wind and solar
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Meet the authors
  1. Garrett Moran, Senior Manager, Wind Generation, Technical Advisory

    Garrett is a licensed professional engineer who specializes in wind turbine technology, turbine design, and loads and controls. He has more than 17 years of industry experience with a career in loads and dynamics and structural dynamics spanning the wind, aerospace, and oil and gas industries. View bio

  2. Dave Doerner, Manager, Solar Practice

    Dave is an engineer and energy professional with more than a decade of experience in development and consulting in the renewable energy industry. View bio

  3. Mark Reusser, Senior Manager, Solar Generation