Transfer of power: How president-elect trump's policies will affect the energy industry

Transfer of power: How president-elect trump's policies will affect the energy industry

President-elect Trump’s positions regarding the U.S. energy sector, including his intent to “level the playing field” among generation options, appear likely to have significant impacts, including having energy play a role in job creation and economic expansion, supporting coal production and use, backing away from environmental regulation including policies related to climate change, and promoting infrastructure investment. While the stated objectives of the Trump policies tend to be straightforward, the actual impacts are likely to be influenced by the inter-relationship between different policies, of which important details are uncertain, and by political constraints. Policies favorable to natural gas and oil could negatively impact coal while environmental and power policy will influence both coal and natural gas markets. Trade policy could impact energy policy.

ICF’s views on energy markets presented during this webinar will represent an integrated perspective on energy markets that analyzes the impact of different potential policies on the overall energy market, rather than considering each policy in isolation.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Stated positions of president-elect Trump related to the energy sector and how they are developing in the weeks following the election
  • Potential implications for the power, coal, and gas markets, as well as emissions regulations, should those positions become policy
  • How “sticky” the implications of the policies may be for decisions and investments lasting beyond the next four years

It will take time for these promises to emerge as policies and regulations, and for the interactions of those changes to be understood. To participate in the policy process under the new administration, and or to properly position business strategy, owners, developers, and investors in power and fuel supply and infrastructure must begin to consider the range of alternatives and outcomes on their strategies for the next several years.

Meet the authors
  1. Chris MacCracken, Vice President, Energy Advisory + ICF Climate Center Senior Fellow

    Chris is an energy policy expert with more than 25 years of experience helping public and private sector clients to understand the impacts of energy and environmental regulation on electricity markets. View bio

  2. Michael Sloan, Senior Managing Director, Gas Energy Markets

    With over 35 years of experience, Michael provides analytical and regulatory support to assess the impact of decarbonization policy on gas utility clients. View bio