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Design driven outcomes: Clean Power Plan impacts on power prices and asset value


In this webinar, ICF International examines the impacts of state’s plan design choices under the Clean Power Plan on power prices and generation asset values. These impacts will be of critical importance for generation owners, developers, and other stakeholders as they make investment decisions and work with their states to devise the optimal plans. 

Under EPA’s final Clean Power Plan, states must choose from a variety of components to develop the plan that works best for their generation owners, consumers, and other stakeholders. The primary types of plans, emissions rate- or mass-based standards, each carry with them potential design and implementation challenges, such as how to address leakage under a mass-based standard and how to facilitate the trading of emission reduction credits (ERCs) under a rate-based standard. Each of these will have different impacts on wholesale and retail power pricing in the state and broader markets and the value of generation assets.

ICF’s experts will discuss the design challenges and quantify some of those potential impacts, including:

  • How do the planning challenges differ between rate- and mass-based standards? 
  • How do the different plan options translate into market and retail prices? 
  • Which plans have the greatest impact on coal and gas generation asset values?

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