How utilities can navigate the new lighting standards

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In 2023, the federal government will phase in full enforcement of the new 45 lumens per watt lighting efficiency standard, leading manufacturers and retailers to sweep incandescent and halogen bulbs from their product lines and shelves in favor of high-efficiency LEDs.

The end of lighting-driven residential efficiency programs is an opportunity for utilities to reimagine demand-side management programs to address the pressing priorities of the future: electrification, decarbonization, resilience, and energy equity in a climate of rapid load growth.

Read this paper to learn:

  • How to optimize efficiency-focused programs to pursue the best non-lighting efficiency opportunities
  • Tips to align with policymakers and decision-makers through programs that pursue new goals, such as decarbonization and electrification
  • Steps to advocate for change with regulators that will empower programs that pursue new goals
  • How to establish a priorities-based vision for the utility’s full suite of demand-side management programs
Meet the authors
  1. Shana Doby, Director, Products Programs

    Shana supports the implementation of residential energy-efficient products programs, leveraging more than two decades of experience in national retail merchandising and marketing. View bio

  2. David Meisegeier, Vice President, Finance and Smart Homes Programs

    David helps innovate customer-centric energy programs that meet utilities’ current and future needs, with nearly 30 years of experience in the energy industry. View bio

  3. John Turnmire, Senior Account Manager, National Products Team
  4. Dan White, National Partnerships Manager