Finding value in the evolving community solar markets

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By Seth Barna, Harsha Reddy, and Nishit Pande
Seth Barna
Senior Manager, DER Markets
Harsha Reddy
Manager, Energy Markets
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As the electric grid gains momentum on the path to decarbonization, states across the U.S. are weighing their options to expedite their clean energy goals.

Community solar (CS) has proven to be a popular option for states aspiring to make this energy transition. But there is considerable diversity in states’ approaches to the design and implementation of CS programs. An understanding of these key design factors in a CS program is crucial for developers and investors to understand to assess the market opportunity and underlying risks that CS presents.

Watch our on-demand webinar exploring this complex and diverse community solar program landscape. You’ll hear more on:

  • Current trends in the CS market.
  • Compensation methods used by different states in their CS programs.
  • Key components for CS asset valuation.


Meet the authors
  1. Seth Barna, Senior Manager, DER Markets
  2. Harsha Reddy, Manager, Energy Markets
  3. Nishit Pande, Director, Energy Advisory

    Nishit is an energy expert with nearly 20 years of experience in research and analytics, project management, product development, and engineering.  View bio