When it comes to energy storage, it’s all about the use case

Oct 30, 2019

Significant cost declines, market design reform, and state mandates have all driven energy storage to the forefront of consideration as a valuable and cost-effective grid asset. While energy storage use to date has largely focused on use cases like reducing system peak and pairing with solar to increase solar consumption, its potential to provide a range of grid system benefits has led many in the industry to view energy storage as the next big technological advancement for grid management.

Despite the promising technology, there is still work to be done before energy storage can reach its full potential. The industry is experimenting with different storage use cases to unlock new revenue streams (including for enhanced grid reliability and resiliency) and maximize the potential of their storage systems. However, with each use case comes specific constraints and implications for operation, design, degradation, and lifetime, which all influence the upfront and long-term costs of the system.

In this podcast, our energy experts discuss the energy storage landscape, emerging applications and design, and what needs to happen in order to unlock the full potential of energy storage.

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