Energy Renewed: Getting your project back online after an unforeseen event

May 6, 2021

Fires, winds, floods, and other unforeseen events can derail a project during construction or operations. Each time this occurs, there's confusion on how to work through the insurance and rebuilding process. Too often we don't pay attention to asset management until something breaks or burns down. 

In episode 5 of the Energy Renewed podcast—hosted by Katie Janik, asset management advisor at ICF—we kick off a new Unforeseen Events miniseries. These events require diligence and outside-of-the-box thinking to bring renewable energy projects back to a certain level of power production. 

In part 1, hear from Chris Pollack of the ICF technical advisory team, Sandy Calvert from insurance advisor Moore-McNeil, and Eric Daniels, founder and owner of Suncycle, as they discuss the commercial side of the process of getting a renewable energy project back online after an unforeseen event. Part 2 will focus on insurance pricing and trends and part 3 will focus on the technical aspects of rebuilding and repairing a project.

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