Date with the future: Making plans in a world of cleaner energy

Date with the future: Making plans in a world of cleaner energy
By Chris MacCracken

While the future of CO2 regulation of the power sector remains uncertain as the Clean Power Plan is under legal review, the expectation of future CO2 emissions from U.S. generation has changed dramatically. Over the past year, market drivers have driven down expectations of future carbon dioxide emissions from the U.S. power sector by 16%. Lower emissions would lower states’ hurdles to Clean Power Plan compliance, should it survive legal challenge, but would still leave power sector CO2 emission reductions well short of long-term “deep decarbonization” goals.

Gas and renewable resources remain the predominant long-term resource options, but both run the risk of over-investment as market drivers and regulation continue to shift.

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  1. Chris MacCracken, Vice President, Energy Advisory + ICF Climate Center Senior Fellow

    Chris is an energy policy expert with more than 25 years of experience helping public and private sector clients to understand the impacts of energy and environmental regulation on electricity markets. View bio