Helping achieve global climate and clean energy goals

Helping achieve global climate and clean energy goals
Oct 17, 2022
International development and climate change expert Orestes Anastasia is dedicated to leveraging global partnerships and programs to drive sustainable climate action
Orestes Anastasia, director of international clean energy and climate change and ICF Climate Center senior fellow, is on a mission to tackle some of the world’s biggest climate challenges. He’s spent his 27-year career leading and developing global clean energy and climate change programs and partnerships and believes the demand for solutions is finally here!
Orestes Anastasia

Orestes has worked with countries across the globe—managing initiatives, programs, and teams focused on climate change and related international development challenges—in senior roles with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Global Green Growth Institute, among other organizations, and advising global and regional partnerships focused on low-emission development and green growth.

He’s now bringing his ambitious ideas and extensive expertise to help our clients address their own energy and climate challenges. Working with clients like USAID and the Millennium Challenge Corporation to scale up efforts to integrate climate change into their planning and programming. And working to expand our services in clean energy, like integrated resource and resilience planning (IRRP) in developing countries.

“The world faces immense challenges in reducing the emissions causing climate change and developing solutions that increase resilience and promote adaptation to climate impacts. But there are an equal number of opportunities to meet these climate challenges while simultaneously achieving multiple development benefits. It’s a critical and exciting time tackle these issues."

Orestes Anastasia

Orestes’ enthusiasm for delivering energy and climate solutions is contagious. He’s not only excited about the opportunity we provide as global leaders in climate consulting, but about how his own contributions of providing compelling and objective analysis, insights, and perspectives will help accelerate climate action for our clients

He shares, “This year, we’ve seen exciting developments at the U.S. federal level and the timing seems ideal to refocus my professional sights on the climate crisis as part of ICF—where we can make a huge difference. We have the means of tackling some of the biggest challenges the world faces. For one, getting ICF more involved with USAID’s growing climate change mitigation and adaptation-related programs, particularly in clean energy.”

A history of climate action

Ahead of his time, Orestes has managed initiatives, programs, and teams focused on climate action that span the globe for more than two decades, and extensively in the Asia-Pacific region. From helping launch some of USAID’s first climate programs in that region to working with the government of Fiji to develop long-term low emission development strategies (LT-LEDS) to launching and leading the Asia LEDS Partnership to match government needs with international policy and technical expertise in energy, transportation, and agriculture, Orestes brings a global perspective for guiding policy change and mobilizing investment with impactful results.

“Much time has been squandered over the past two decades when it comes to climate action. The world needs to significantly scale up support to achieve global climate goals and, ultimately, transform economies across the world,” he says. “I am truly excited about being part of a company where we play a major role in finding solutions to today’s greatest climate challenges. Where people believe in and are passionate about what they’re doing. I think we’re going to be busy!”

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