Where to put all those new clean energy projects?

Where to put all those new clean energy projects?
May 16, 2023
The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is poised to transform the energy landscape by offering tax incentives for clean energy projects. This good news for clean energy developers is complicated by the fact that finding locations, or sites, for these new power projects is a real challenge—one that could limit how much clean energy is brought to market and how fast the transition happens.
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The video of Louisiana leverages ICF’s EnergyInsite platform to illustrate the complex variables clean energy developers must navigate to site projects. The IRA’s energy communities bonus lowers the cost of siting clean energy projects.  The available grid capacity helps determine how much energy generation can be added at a given location. All clean energy projects must connect to the electric grid through a substation. When these variables are all considered together, a narrow corridor between Baton Rouge and New Orleans offers optimal clean energy siting locations in Louisiana.

Louisiana isn’t unique. Similar clean energy siting scenarios are playing out across the country.

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