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ICF in the Americas

Just as every project is a challenge, each is also an opportunity for the teams at ICF to utilize their experience, skills and insights to deliver innovative solutions. Our approach crosses borders and cultures, limited only by our drive for innovative ideas dedicated to long-term results.

Combining specialists from multiple disciplines and applying decades of successful projects focused on critical issues, ICF delivers advisory and implementation support to clients throughout the Western Hemisphere.

We draw from the strength of our integrated teams and global resources to address challenges in almost any industry. In every place we work and for every organization, ICF works to confirm the success of our clients' most important initiatives.

In the United States, where our largest office is located, we’ve become trusted associates, helping government agencies, nonprofits, and corporations recognize new opportunities with ideas that exceed initial expectations in rapidly evolving and global industries such as energy, healthcare, and aviation.

As Canada's energy sector continues to expand, so does the number of regulatory, investment, and production issues. ICF solutions have built the foundation for sustained growth through comprehensive planning in technology and capital investments.

Across the continent, ICF plays an active role guiding airport investment and infrastructure development projects and provides well-tested advice to clients working in commercial aviation and tourism.