Across Canada, ICF serves as a trusted partner to all levels of government, gas and electric utilities, and private sector clients.

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Electrification provides utilities and governments with ways to enhance revenue, reduce carbon emissions, and strengthen relationships with cities and customers. We design, plan, and administer electrification programs for on-road electric vehicles and non-road electric vehicles, for all kinds of heat pumps, and for industrial process electrification.

Program implementation

Our implementation team designs, delivers, and tracks decarbonization and demand-side management programs in the residential, commercial, industrial, and transportation sectors across Canada. We can address your planning, marketing, app processing, customer services, information technology, and analytical needs.

Demand-side management

Demand-side management and energy efficiency must evolve to keep pace with a changing world and evolving customer needs. To address these challenges, our analysts and thought leaders leverage boots-on-the-ground experience to help inform progressive policies and design more streamlined, cost-effective, and successful programs.

Decarbonization and climate

We are dedicated to finding solutions that support private and public sector clients with their decarbonization efforts. Our climate service offerings include greenhouse gas accounting and mitigation support, evaluation of climate risks and resilience, and regulatory and policy support services. We offer comprehensive solutions to our clients’ climate-related challenges and have supported utilities and governments in the development of plans to achieve ambitious emissions reduction targets.

Distributed energy resources

Distributed energy continues to disrupt the power sector and push utilities and program administrators to reevaluate energy management solutions. We apply integrated grid planning and expand on standard integrated resource planning processes to evaluate integrated DER solutions, develop non-wires alternatives, and help clients procure, manage, and deploy DERs to the benefit of the utility, its customers, and the grid.

Energy markets

As markets, technology, fuel supplies, and environmental policy change, energy assets and portfolios require more intensive evaluation and management to prioritize short- and long-term options. Meanwhile, renewable resources and energy storage are also changing traditional approaches. Our power and natural gas market consultants are modelers and strategists who can help you navigate these waters by offering actionable information about the value, as well as the interrelated cost and risk drivers, behind your current and potential future assets.



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