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Ying Shen ICF Alumni
Senior Consultant

Ying has 9 years of consultancy and engineering experience in the areas of environment, energy and climate change. She has conducted research & analysis, business and policy recommendations, and capacity-building training across a broad spectrum of environmental issues, including emission trading system design and implementation, carbon foot print management for organizations and products, river basin water pollution monitoring and control, offshore wind cost reduction and innovation, distributed energy, toxic substances control and sustainable supply chain management.

Ying has been directly supporting Emission Trading Systems (ETS) set-up in China for the last 6 years both at the pilot and national levels. She has worked as local expert in multiple European Union Funded ETS capacity building projects in China covering high level political dialogue, ETS roadmap and strategies, legislation, cap setting, allocation, Monitoring Reporting Verification and Accreditation (MPVA), registry, financial products, market and compliance management as well as enterprise mobilization. Ying has also been involved in ETS design and implementation in India, Brazil, Taiwan, and South Korea.

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