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Bindu Gupta

Senior Director, Customer Strategy, Insights and Research
Bindu is a strategic problem-solver with more than 10 years of experience in marketing and customer engagement.
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Bindu is a customer-centric strategist and proactive project manager with more than a decade of experience in marketing and customer resource management. She develops data-driven tactics that improve client engagement outcomes and takes a lead role in helping bring those strategies to life.

From a young age, Bindu was obsessed with problem-solving. Now, that passion guides her as she solves problems for prominent brands such as Wyndham, Hilton, Allegiant Air, and Eaton through email and loyalty marketing strategies, trends and insights, and competitive outlooks.

Bindu focuses on consumer insights and loyalty strategies. She is an expert in sharing cross-industry lessons that spark new ideas with clients across diverse industries. She is a thought leader with both internal and external teams and dives into client projects like a champion and team player.

  • M.B.A., Marketing, Competitive and Organizational Strategy, University of Rochester