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With our unmatched insight into carriers' business strategies, ICF is uniquely qualified to help airport executives strategically view the future, optimize business opportunities, and realize value. We support airports and airport systems worldwide with a comprehensive range of business advisory services, including:

  • Detailed market analysis and demand forecasting for passenger and cargo services
  • Economic, pricing, and competitive analysis for new routes and revenue optimization
  • Strategic planning, organizational development, and governance advice
  • Comprehensive privatization and transaction advisory services, both pre- and post-acquisition
  • Commercial planning, concession structuring, and non-aeronautical revenue optimization
  • Airport customer experience strategy and implementation using information technology to enhance the passenger experience
  • Potential self-connecting market sizing analysis and strategy for hosted services and supporting infrastructure and processes
  • Driving stronger passenger demand for an airport’s brand through ICF’s air service development (ASD) services including ASD 2.0, improving carrier’s appetites to increase air service
  • Helping airports quickly increase resilience to climate change using existing processes

ICF worked with major airports in nearly 40 countries throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and emerging regions. We advise across the industry, from midsize and small airports to regional airport systems and the government and regulatory agencies that oversee them.
ICF's multidisciplinary teams include in-house specialists from all facets of the aviation industry, including the commercial divisions of airports, airlines, infrastructure funds, and areas such as network planning with major U.S. and international airlines. Our airport clients also benefit from ICF's work with government, civil aviation authorities, and members of the financial community.

Designing the High-Performance Airport Organization

A high-performance organization consistently exceeds the expectations of its internal and external stakeholders and continuously adapts to changing conditions. Airport organizations must continually adapt to respond to rapid changes taking place in the aviation industry. ICF offers a proven, well-defined 5-step approach to organization design in which we work closely with client staff to optimize the organization structure and develop robust workforce plans.

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