Reimagining the passenger experience: The importance of building a customer-centric strategy

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The expectations of customers and, by extension, aviation passengers have changed dramatically in the past decade. While companies like Uber, Blue Apron, and Netflix have raised the bar for customer experience by providing customers with what they want, when and how they want it, airports and airlines have struggled to keep pace.

Airports and airlines no longer get credit for delivering on the basics; they need to exceed expectations through innovative, useful, and usable customer-centric solutions. To reap the financial benefits of this cultural shift, airports and airlines must examine today’s travel experience through the same customer-centric lens and work collaboratively to design and implement creative solutions.

Airlines and airports share the need to develop customer-centric strategies to improve the passenger experience in all phases of air travel. If done thoughtfully, core business objectives can be met by improving revenue generation and customer loyalty, while driving down costs. If customer-centric solutions do not improve revenue, strengthen loyalty, or reduce costs, there is little incentive for change.

Meet the authors
  1. Eliot Lees, Vice President and Managing Director, Clean Transportation

    Eliot specializes in aviation due diligence, valuation, business planning, and infrastructure-related development. View bio

  2. Stephen Freibrun, Principal, Airports and Americas Sector Lead, Aviation

    Stephen advises airports on commercial strategies, with more than three decades of management and real estate experience in the public and private sectors. View bio