ICF's public health expertise ranges from support for basic and clinical research, monitoring and evaluating public health programs, to disseminating evidence-based knowledge and practices to health providers and health consumers. Our experts partner with researchers, clinicians, policymakers, media outlets, and national and community-based organizations to help keep citizens healthy.

We leverage our domain expertise in public health across the spectrum of research, evaluation and implementation of services to maximize the impact of our client’s programs. Our cross-cutting approach includes:

  • Research and Evaluation: Conducting a full spectrum of activities from study design, data collection to dissemination of results, using qualitative and quantitative analyses to gain actionable insights into health outcomes.
  • Informatics and Communications: Collaborating information technology and creative marketing strategists to drive memorable, resonant campaigns.
  • Emergency management: Preparing organizations and communities for an integrated medical response to natural and manmade disasters.

Behavior and Disease Surveillance Services

ICF provides behavior and disease surveillance services to evaluate the effectiveness of health interventions and to plan new programs.

More than three decades of experience in tackling health challenges gives us in-depth insights into how to change how citizens think about their health and change their lives for the better. We help our clients measure program success, make informed decisions, and reach their health program goals with:

  • Interview strategies to collect behavior and disease data swiftly and accurately while maximizing response rates
  • End-to-end survey services, from designing samples and selecting participants to organizing and  presenting results
  • Technical solutions for data collection and processing, controlling data quality, and producing reports on behavior trends and disease incidence
  • Ongoing surveillance support via consulting, training, and capacity building
  • Guidance in health program planning, management, and evaluation

Our team features seasoned researchers, statisticians, programmers, interviewers, and data processors. We conduct behavior and risk surveillance surveys and bring context to our findings for meaningful, actionable results.

Data Management and Dissemination

ICF provides health data management and dissemination services that enable health leaders worldwide to maximize data value and optimize decision-making to advance their missions.

ICF works with clients at each step in the health data management and dissemination lifecycle to:

  • Pinpoint the entities and dependencies needed for optimal health data organization
  • Maintain security while enhancing the availability of health information
  • Cut costs by improving access and reducing risk of lost or compromised health data
  • Digitize paper documentation for archiving, backup, and retrieval
  • Develop widely used tools to ensure diverse audiences can access and make sense of complex health data

By combining process improvement techniques and technology solutions, ICF designs, develops, hosts, and implements information-management architectures and data structures for health clients. We are also committed to building our clients’ capacity to develop and maintain health data management systems and monitor and evaluate their programs.

Because we provide technical expertise as well as deep expertise in health issues, we help our clients investigate data to extract the meaning within. From clinical trials information on the web to data coordinating centers and detailed publications, we help audiences access and make sense of complex health data.

Public Health Preparedness

ICF helps clients at all levels of government and the private sector prepare for the public health, healthcare, and medical consequences of all hazards, disasters, and emergencies.

With more than 20 years of experience in public health, emergency management, and preparedness, ICF combines this expertise with proficiency in information technology, program and risk management, and strategic communications to deliver high quality and innovative services to our clients.

ICF supports clients throughout the entire preparedness cycle in prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery. Our experience translates into a variety of valuable public health and medical initiatives, including: 

  • Implementation of public health and healthcare preparedness capabilities
  • Planning, training, and exercises
  • Incident specific planning (pandemic influenza, smallpox, etc.)
  • Regional community resilience
  • Policy development and evaluation
  • Hazard, risk, capabilities, and readiness assessments
  • Preparedness and response program evaluation
  • Continuity of operations planning
  • Emergency medical services system support
  • Disaster behavioral health
  • Program management support

ICF offers proven methodologies to help strengthen public health and medical planning, training, and response initiatives. Our toolkits enable public health agencies to plan, conduct, and evaluate drills and exercises for various scenarios.

We bring together emergency management, first responders, and public health personnel to train for effective responses during the first 48 hours of a public health incident, and we manage the recovery and rebuilding efforts following response operations. Our multifaceted solutions address policy- and decision-making, communications, resource coordination, personnel management, and procedure implementation.

ICF also helps clients measure the performance of their plans. Our metrics are especially valuable for programs that distribute grants on a regional and national level. Similarly, grantees can use these metrics to demonstrate the success of their efforts and pursue additional funding.

Informatics and Systems

ICF delivers health informatics and systems that enable clients to obtain and disseminate top-quality health data and make informed clinical and policy decisions.

Drawing on more than four decades of experience, ICF works with leaders in government agencies to adopt new health informatics strategies and systems—ones that improve the acquisition, distribution, analysis, and use of data for the benefit of public health.
ICF has a long history of working with clients to design innovative, practical health informatics and systems that make optimal use of resources and deliver a solid return on investment. Our core health informatics offerings include:

  • Interconnected systems to manage transactions, provide access to research and laboratory results, and perform longitudinal data analysis
  • Secure access to clinical and public health data for research
  • End-to-end grants management support, from proposal and agreement through closeout, audit, and resolution
  • Support for statistical, biological, and chemical analysis requirements
  • Public and population health informatics for sophisticated decision support, knowledge management, and data mining
  • Consumer and public health information warehousing and dissemination
  • Patient education, technical assistance, and training

ICF helps health-focused clients determine what information they need and what types of impacts the information will have on decision-making. Using the latest technology and rigorous strategic planning, we help capture, analyze, and share the information that clients need to achieve their missions and demonstrate the value of their health initiatives.

Training and Technical Assistance

ICF delivers customized training and technical assistance to help clients design, implement, and evaluate health programs.

From developing instructional materials to strengthening health research, ICF employs the latest learning management and e-learning systems for health-focused clients. We help clients acquire the knowledge and capacity to sustain and grow their health programs independently.

Our versatile health training offerings include:

  • Instructional systems design, integrating technical expertise, project management, and communication skills
  • E-learning and technology-enabled training
  • Instructor-led training, workshops, and seminars
  • Simulations and scenario-based tabletop exercises
  • Kirkpatrick evaluation for trainee and instructor performance

We also tailor our health program technical assistance to fit client needs, helping each select the best approaches to cost effectively maximize learning for health issues. Our vast range of technical support and capacity-building services for health programs includes:

  • Evaluating models of prevention and care
  • Implementing health policy and systems interventions in states and communities
  • Analyzing epidemiologic and surveillance data
  • Supporting government grant programs
  • Supporting mutual learning and exchange of good practices
  • Carrying out feasibility studies and policy analyses
  • Providing health information management solutions
  • Conducting demographic and audience research

Childhood Obesity and Health

ICF is promoting good nutrition, physical activity, and healthy lifestyles by developing and evaluating policies and programs designed to help children and the adults in their lives make healthier choices.
  • Program and Policy Design, Support, and Evaluation
  • Surveys and Surveillance Studies
  • Research and Measurement
  • Health Communications and Social Marketing
The DEA 360 Strategy combats opioid misuse and heroin use
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