Human health risk assessment

We help clients make our world safer and healthier through human health analyses grounded in reliable research, transformational informatics, and proven technology.

Human health risk assessment uses the power of science to inform decision making and better protect public health. Our highly qualified, widely published experts collaborate to identify, collect, manage, evaluate, model, and interpret scientific data to produce broad-based analyses that stand up to intense scrutiny and establish a solid foundation for developing scientifically sound conclusions. ICF covers the life cycle of risk assessment for a wide range of substances, from hazard identification and dose-response assessment to exposure assessment and risk characterization.

We are pioneers in the field, applying the latest developments in theory and practice to advance science and increase the impact of human health risk assessment. For improved public health, our work with the EPA achieved a tenfold reduction in the Lead National Ambient Air Quality Standard, tightening the existing standard through innovative risk assessment modeling. On the implementation side, our use of smart clustering as a new approach to prioritizing toxicological literature for systematic review showed the potential for significant time and cost savings during regulatory risk assessments.

ICF’s human health risk assessment services include:

  • Document review and screening technologies
  • Systematic literature reviews
  • Toxicology and epidemiology data analysis
  • Statistics and biostatistics
  • Dose-response evaluation
  • Exposure modeling
  • Impact and benefit valuation
  • Data visualization