Head Start training and technical assistance

Supporting child care and early education for children and families in need.
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Meeting compliance challenges and exceeding expectations

Head Start provides high-quality services to promote early child care and education. Population needs vary by region, which means no two training or technical assistance efforts are exactly the same. At ICF, we factor in both federal regulations and the particular circumstances of your community to develop highly effective Head Start training and technical assistance that nimbly adapts to stringent federal, state, and local laws. We support programs to fully be in compliance and to exceed expectations.
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Enhancing services through collaboration

ICF combines the expertise of locally-based early childhood specialists with the knowledge and passion of local grantees and their partners. The result: a collaborative effort that’s genuine, customized, and designed to provide the best possible success with Head Start. At every level—and at any point in time.
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Preparing children for lifelong success

Head Start programs serve over 1 million low-income children and families each year. That’s an enormous responsibility toward our children—and our future. For more than 15 years, we have offered Head Start training and technical assistance to six regions across the country, including 37 states and 140 tribes. From critical needs assessment to comprehensive program monitoring, we develop a variety of training tools and technical assistance solutions to resolve gaps and fill compliance standards and ensure program success.


  • Needs assessment
  • Program monitoring

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