ICF addresses important issues in education from early childhood to adult learning and focuses on continuous program quality improvement. We design rigorous studies to improve program outcomes for children, students, teachers, and parents. Our model of collaboratively working with government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and education stakeholders enables us to understand their unique needs on funding, improving program quality, addressing accountability, and improving outcomes.

Our research designs are grounded in relevant literature, guided by logic models, and measured by meaningful indicators. A toolbox of research and evaluation methodologies is utilized based on the study context and includes case studies, focus groups, observations, interviews, surveys, quasi-experimental studies, and randomized controlled trials. A key objective is to translate research into practice. We use data and findings to deliver evidence-based recommendations for program administrators, educators, and funders.

ICF researchers use hands-on experience and expertise in critical education topics such as education reform, curriculum and qualification design and development, school and college performance, professional development of educators, college access and success, and career pathways and progression routes for learners. Our geographically dispersed team of experts works directly with client organizations, from the local to the national. As a global business we are able to bring insights from around the world to help improve local programs.