White Papers

Managing Airports—from Brexit to Self-Connect: A Selection of Articles from ICF

Mar 1, 2017

This booklet houses a selection of airport articles and thought pieces from our aviation experts. The range of topics encompassed in this booklet is illustrative of the diversity of issues that clients ask us to engage on in the course of our project work.

As aviation consultants we increasingly observe that pure technical aviation issues are rare. The issues we grapple with are a nexus of political, financial and operational concerns. Brexit is a good example of this—airports face the real possibility the UK may no longer be a European Common Aviation Area, with consequences for airline route networks and the way airlines structure themselves. Airports also must grapple with the wider economic consequences of the likely Brexit mode.

ICF works as extensively with airlines, aircraft manufacturers and governments as it does with investors and operators of airports, and we therefore believe that we are well placed to understand and make sense of the multi-faceted nature of the aviation business.

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