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BRIC Countries: Destiny Fulfilled?

An Overview of the “BRIC Countries” in the 15 Years Since the Acronym Was Coined

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For private industries looking to invest in the BRIC countries, ICF brings valuable insights into the risks, opportunities, and nuances of each.

BRIC Countries Fulfilling Their Promise

In 2001, Jim O’Neil of Goldman Sachs coined the term “BRIC” as an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, and China – the four leading emerging economies at the time. The BRIC economies accounted for 19% of 2001’s world economy (on a PPP basis) and 44% of the world’s population. Fifteen years on, the BRIC economies have, at a high level, fulfilled their promise – they now account for over 30% of the world economy and 42% of the world’s population.

These countries continue to shape and change the world economy, and as their economies evolve and grow, the aviation markets are sure to follow.

ICF has worked extensively in each of these fascinating markets, and in doing so has gained invaluable insight into the risks, opportunities, and nuances in each.

By Daniel Galpin
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