White Papers

Managing and Investing in Airports: A selection of white papers from ICF

Nov 2, 2017

Airports are complex businesses. Success requires balanced and integrated management across a diverse range of financial, physical, organizational, corporate, and operational factors. In this booklet, we focus on just a handful of the many aspects on which ICF is frequently called upon to assist our clients.

We consider future trends for non-aeronautical revenues and charges; we propose an approach to airport planning to help ensure that the infrastructure strategy is aligned with and supportive of the financial strategy, and reflect on the infrastructure needs of changing business models; and we present our thoughts on the future for airport investments in two key potential markets.

Lastly, we include two white papers on subjects we know well and find particularly interesting – the differing patterns of development of aviation in BRIC markets, and the possible implications of self-connecting passengers for not only airports but also airlines and alliances who are vying for the same travelers.

By Kata Cserep , Simon Morris, Eliot Lees , Abbas Mirza, Stephen Freibrun, Mark Drusch, Natasha Page, Daniel Galpin, and Rob Rushmer