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RM100: The Start of Great Revenue Management


Airline executives often recognize the value of a revenue management (RM) system, but it is frequently seen as a blackbox by airline management and staff. Without enough talent, resources, and support behind complex RM systems, airlines frequently fail to receive any benefit when these systems fall apart due to lack of maintenance and calibration.

ICF has identified such problems first-hand while working with small and mid-size airlines, and realized that a transformation to the field of revenue management was desperately needed. After years of cutting-edge research and development, we have built a self-sustained, flight-profile based system called RM100. It is the first-ever revenue management system in the market that is specifically designed to address the problems of small to mid-size carriers. It demystifies and provides the platform for great revenue management.

Download your copy of the RM100 overview to learn more about its benefits and unique features.