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Revenue Management

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ICF Aviation Decision Support helps our aviation clients manage assets and operations, mitigate risk, and maximize return on investment. We provide objective, independent commercial, financial, and technical guidance to our clients through our advisory services and proprietary solutions, with specialties in revenue management and network planning.

Our Services

We have over 25 years of experience in developing and supporting revenue management (RM) tools. We also have a long history of providing RM advisory services such as RM health checks, fares and inventory re-structuring, and RM controller/analyst training and education.  Our proprietary RM software helps our clients enhance flight revenues, improve RM effectiveness, and gain greater insight into expected flight behavior. We will guide you so that your airline can perform at its best:

  • Capture passenger demand across the willingness to pay spectrum
  • Change your fare structure and capacity dynamically
  • Monitor booking and sales performance
  • Evaluate competitors' fares and change strategy accordingly


ICF offers a suite of RMS products, from less complex to more, to support airlines at different stages of development.


  • Driven by intuitive and transparent flight optimization templates
  • Accurate booking curves clustering
  • Set of built-in reports made available for both flight controllers and senior management
  • Operates effectively with limited resources


  • Robust forecasting methodology
  • Segment-based optimization
  • Flight management by exception
  • Flexible business rules
  • Optimal overbooking
  • Group bookings management
  • Real-time update option
  • Comprehensive reporting   

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