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Revenue Management

Airlines must respond quickly to changing market requirements and customer expectations. Revenue must be optimized and costs reduced. ICF International Revenue Management is a high-value, low cost-solution that provides a high return on investment. Industry case studies have proven that effective revenue management typically increases an airline's revenue by 3-8 percent per annum, with up to 11 percent being achieved at some airlines.

Respond Quickly to Changing Markets

Markets change quickly. Therefore, you must react immediately to a competitor's initiatives. ICF Revenue Management enables you to change your fare structure and capacity dynamically, improving market response and keeping you ahead of the competition. The solution helps maximize yield in periods of high demand and provides tools to attract discretionary traffic during times of low demand, while protecting seats for last minute, high value customers.

Flexible Range of Solutions

ICF Revenue Management provides a sophisticated, flexible, and easy-to-use range of solutions, delivering results at a competitive price. It is specifically designed to help an airline obtain the maximum possible revenue for every seat on every flight through better allocation of capacity, improved productivity, and a proactive market response.

Optional modules are offered for airlines with additional special requirements. Bespoke changes or additional functionality can also be provided for any specialized requirements that an airline might have.

Easy Implementation

The solution is quick to install and delivers real results in a very short period, with return on investment often realized within three months of implementation. Intuitive "point and click" features dramatically reduce staff training time.

ICF Revenue Management has existing interfaces with many leading reservation systems, including Amadeus, EDS, Lufthansa Systems, SITA, and Worldspan. We can also build interfaces with other reservations and DCS systems as required.

Quality at a Low Price

ICF is confident that the implementation of ICF Revenue Management will significantly enhance the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your business.

Positive Impact on Your Bottom Line

ICF Revenue Management offers optimal overbooking, improved discount space allocation, superior management information, and optimal allocations for group or tour operator business. Operational efficiency is improved, resulting in decreased costs through:

  • Increased staff productivity from automation of many revenue management decisions
  • Improved customer satisfaction through proactive seat allocation
  • A high level of accuracy in forecasting passengers boarded, leading to a reduction in both denied boarding costs and empty seats
  • Proactive planning of future discount versus full fare seat allocation via advanced flight optimization profiles

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