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Solutions and Applications

Ready, Set...VOLTE


ICF's Lean Volte is a ready-to-learn framework for driving innovation and rapidly designing products, systems, and services that solve real problems for customers and users.

  • Accelerated problem-solving
  • Cross-disciplinary teams
  • User-centered design
  • Collaborative methods
  • Balanced work and wellness

Before You Start
Planning gives your Lean Volte team the necessary foundation and structure for success. Solid expectations will empower team members to feel confident about the process. Analyzing the problem and what you hope to accomplish is critical to creating a strong solution. Lean Volte requires cross-disciplinary collaboration, a combination of in-person and remote working sessions, and Agile practices. The Lean Volte Work Plan details the goals of Lean Volte and forms an engagement plan and set expectations for participants. Once the Work Plan is in place, you can assemble your team, get the right tools in place, and work out the rest of the logistics.

Lean Volte in Action
The Lean Volte process is constantly evolving. You update, revise, and manage day plans, tools, and logistics in real time. During working sessions, participants use exercises and materials to create shared understandings, engage users in research, and expand creative thinking. The Lean Volte framework remains the same, but each Lean Volte session incorporates unique activities, discussions, and resources.

Applying Outcomes
Lean Volte delivers more than just another binder on the shelf. If you start with the right tools, you can turn all those sticky notes, sketches, and discussions into action. The most important part of Lean Volte is what happens afterward—whether it's more innovative products, efficient processes, better team dynamics, or a collaborative relationship with your customer.