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Solutions and Applications


ICF has developed an extensive database of efficiency measures associated with residential, commercial, and industrial technologies that can be used in energy analysis and policy analysis for energy efficiency. For each measure, EMDB documents the full set of measure characteristics such as savings, incremental cost, and operation and management (O&M) and can include data such as time-differentiated rates, behavioral programs, or benchmarking. EMDB is used to house and organize (by weather zone, for example) any measure impacts developed in Beacon and can supplement the Beacon results.

EMDB can be used in combination with the measures identified to document detailed information about each measure, including applicable measure description, costs, measure life, market penetration, market availability, operational metrics, implementation type, building/industry type, end-use categories, and measure benefits. In addition to these categories, the database is flexible to include additional documentation collected for the measures.

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