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Climate Change and the Electricity Sector

Guide for Assessing Vulnerabilities and Developing Resilience Solutions to Sea Level Rise


This report was prepared to provide guidance for: evaluating how sea level rise and storm surge hazards may impact the ability to provide electricity service; and, identifying and implementing solutions to enhance resilience. The document includes examples of various tools, methods and information resources that can assist in resiliency planning. In addition, climate resilience challenges and opportunities for different types of generation, transmission, and distribution assets are identified. It also includes general methods on how to estimate the costs and benefits of resilience measures.

This report was prepared on behalf of the Department of Energy and is hosted on their website. Click the download button to access the report directly from You will be provided with the document in a new tab without leaving this website.

By Susan Asam, Dr. Judsen Bruzgul, Tara Hamilton, Juanita Haydel, and Philip Mihlmester