USAID Energy Efficiency Toolkit

USAID staff can utilize tailored information that supports the development and implementation of energy efficiency projects at the Mission level. To update the previous online energy toolkit, ICF developed new content on energy efficiency and expanded the scope of the topic through added information and resources. Content includes the basics of energy efficiency technology and tools, designing policy and projects, and evaluating costs and benefits.

The toolkit enables USAID Mission staff to:

  • Learn about and discuss energy efficiency program and technology opportunities with stakeholders and program implementers.
  • Determine the local opportunity and role of energy efficiency and how it can be used to accomplish goals related to energy cost savings, economic development, and emission reductions.
  • Learn about strategies and program designs that have been successful in similar markets.
  • Target and develop an energy efficiency program that delivers the desired results.

The completed Energy Efficiency Toolkit addresses USAID’s development objectives and includes a video promoting the benefits of energy efficiency in emerging markets, four technical guides, and applicable case studies.

power lines with beautiful dust sky