Transmission and Distribution in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

In February 2017, the Energy Efficiency for Clean Development Program (EECDP) performed an energy supply assessment for four major population centers in the DRC: Kikwit, Kananga, Tshikapa, and Mbuji-Mayi. With the goal of improving long-term electricity access and reliability for the four focus cities, this project calculated current and projected future supply sources and peak demands and identified five transmission solutions. Project fact sheets for each solution will be used to attract investment.

Sufficient transmission and distribution (T&D) infrastructure is essential for reliable access to electricity, and to improve T&D, stakeholders must have a complete picture of energy supply and demand. By identifying and developing conceptual plans to expand, enhance, and augment T&D infrastructure in the DRC, ICF helped address the need to improve energy access for inland cities in the DRC.