Industrial Best Practice Benchmarking in Bangladesh

In 2012, the Energy Efficiency for Clean Development Program (EECDP) assessed industrial energy efficiency opportunities in Bangladesh within the four sectors showing the greatest potential for energy savings: textiles, jute manufacturing, frozen food processing, and steel re-rolling. The project developed interventions to foster a critical mass of successful projects that support the business case for energy efficiency in the industrial sector. Direct technical assistance addressed implementation barriers to strengthen capacity across the target industries for developing energy efficiency project business cases, selling these business cases to management, and then successfully applying to banks for financing. The project also strengthened capacity within the Bangladesh banking sector to effectively support financing for energy efficiency projects.

A well-functioning energy efficiency marketplace requires that industries understand the return on investment (ROI) and that banks view energy efficiency investments as attractive financing opportunities. By grouping technical best practices into investment portfolios, EECDP helped Bangladesh build a strong case for investment, reduce transaction costs, and reflect the volume and depth of the opportunity that energy efficiency presents.

two construction workers from bangladesh