Energy Tariffs in Ghana

In 2014, Energy Efficiency for Clean Development Program (EECDP) conducted a Time-of-Use (TOU) tariff analysis and program design with the Electric Company of Ghana (ECG) to address the country’s electricity and power crisis. The analysis focused on the industrial sector in Ghana, which is ECG’s largest electricity consumer and user of the greatest share of peak load. TOU tariffs are used to lower peak demand with the goal of reducing load shedding and the need for additional power generation.

In Ghana, smart meters installed at industrial customer sites enabled ECG and ICF to collect data to identify peak load periods and develop a model to determine tariff pricing calculations. ICF used this data to develop a two-tier TOU tariff rate program for industrial customers. ICF also developed a three-step marketing plan for pilot rollout support to ensure wide-scale adoption of the tariff. By 2019, the recommended tariff is projected to achieve total demand savings of 56 MW, equivalent to approximately 5% of the industrial load and 2% of the overall system load.

power lines with mountains in the background