Energy Performance Benchmarking in Southeast Asia

In November 2013, the Energy Efficiency for Clean Development Program (EECDP) developed a replicable building performance benchmarking program through a pilot in Indonesia. ICF worked alongside ongoing activities in the building sector under the USAID Indonesia Clean Energy Development (ICED) program and launched Indonesia’s first building energy performance benchmarking tool.

The benchmarking tool was used in Indonesia’s hotel sector to establish baselines and rank energy use. Additional functions include:

  • Identifying energy and financial savings opportunities in underperforming buildings
  • Identifying high efficiency buildings that could achieve green building certification
  • Measuring the impact of efficiency projects

Building energy performance benchmarking tools are powerful mechanisms used across industries to make large scale energy efficiency improvements to buildings. When applied across a portfolio of buildings, they identify properties that are underperforming, which can encourage owners to invest in improvements. The EECDP project identified efficiency improvements for 1,000 Indonesian hotels which, would result in a potential savings of 533 million kilowatt-hours of electricity.

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