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Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Mid-Atlantic

The Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Mid-Atlantic supports the research-related needs of educational stakeholders throughout the District of Columbia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania with research, technical assistance, training, and dissemination. ICF provides practitioners and policy-makers with evidence-based improvement strategies, sponsors educational research forums, and conducts stakeholder-driven short-term research projects.

As one of the research entities within the Institute of Education Sciences in the U.S. Department of Education, REL Mid-Atlantic has worked with educational stakeholders throughout the mid-Atlantic region to conduct and disseminate high -quality research on topics important to the region. Since 2006, ICF has supported the work of the REL Mid-Atlantic by leading one of two randomized controlled trials and multiple Fast Response Research studies. Through the REL Mid-Atlantic, ICF has engaged stakeholders in Delaware, Maryland, and the District of Columbia by:

  • Conducting need sensing activities
  • Responding to requests for research-based educational interventions and curricula and providing practitioners and policymakers with empirically rigorous research
  • Engaging schools to participate in two randomized controlled trials
  • Sponsoring research forums designed to highlight rigorous research conducted on issues at the forefront of education field, including response-to-intervention, school transformation, and dropout prevention
  • Designing training opportunities for practitioners to apply research-based findings in their school districts through strategic planning and professional development sessions

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