Support The Review Of The EU Emissions Trading Systems (ETS)

ICF conducted a study to support the review of the post-2020 (Phase 4) EU ETS design. In the first part of the study the ICF team evaluated the effectiveness of the EU ETS. In particular, the evaluation assessed the implementation and achievements of the revised EU ETS, where some elements exist since Phase 1 (2005-2007), while others only took their current format in Phases 2 (2008-2012) and 3 (2013-2020). The evaluation provided evidence-based information regarding its needs and whether it is performing as expected at national and European level.

In the second part of the study, ICF led an Impact Assessment focused on a number of policy options, building on the October 2014 European Council Conclusions: carbon leakage and free allocation; the proposed Modernization and Innovation Funds; free allocation to the power sector (Art 10c) and a number of other areas (small emitters, registry fees, trading period). The results informed the design of Phase 4 of the EU ETS and were presented to the Impact Assessment Board.

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