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Case Studies

Customer Satisfaction: Transforming the Healthcare Experience

At ICF, we empower our clients to build better relationships with their customers.

Sep 2, 2016

In 2014, we undertook a three-year initiative to help a multistate insurance carrier deliver a better customer experience to its members.

In year one, our analysts identified and validated member pain points, and assembled skilled team members to develop and implement more than 20 action plans to improve operations that impact customer satisfaction.

In years two and three, we worked with dozens of client representatives across several departments to execute the action plans which fall into four areas:

  • Respect — Improve staff’s empathy and understanding of their types of members and how best to meet their unique needs
  • Communications — Improve the technology that allows the health plan to coordinate care and communications
  • Access — Enable members to more easily and effectively access needed services and human support through technology
  • Education — Educate members on how to more successfully navigate the healthcare system to get their needs met

The initiative is in the final stages of implementation, and metrics have been attached to each project to ensure success is measured and opportunity areas optimized.

In addition, we were hired by the insurer to conduct journey mapping with providers to uncover their pain points and how those frustrations impact member satisfaction. ICF again collaborated with client teams to come up with tangible solutions that are being carried out in 2016. They are designed to improve the providers’ experience with the insurer, impacting their satisfaction as well as that of their members.