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Public Health

ICF works with U.S. federal agencies and health organizations to support programs that strive to prevent disease and improve health outcomes.

ICF's services in the public health field range from support for basic and clinical research to the diffusion of evidence-based knowledge and practices to health providers and health consumers. We work with researchers, clinicians, policymakers, media outlets, and national and community-based organizations to help keep America healthy.

ICF leverages its domain expertise in public health across the spectrum of implementation services to maximize the impact of our client’s programs. The intersection of our health and environment expertise creates strong bioinformatics and scientific computing capabilities. Our health informatics and health communication services derive knowledge and experience from the collaboration of our information technology and strategic marketing experts. We further extend our reach by combining our depth in emergency management to excel in emergency medical preparedness. Our years of service to defense and veteran’s agencies overlap with our breadth of services in health as evidenced by our medical simulation work.