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Health Data Management & Dissemination

ICF provides health data management and dissemination services that enable health leaders worldwide to maximize data value and optimize decision-making to advance their missions.

ICF works with clients at each step in the health data management and dissemination lifecycle to:

  • Pinpoint the entities and dependencies needed for optimal health data organization
  • Maintain security while enhancing the availability of health information
  • Cut costs by improving access and reducing risk of lost or compromised health data
  • Digitize paper documentation for archiving, backup, and retrieval
  • Develop widely used tools to ensure diverse audiences can access and make sense of complex health data

By combining process improvement techniques and technology solutions, ICF designs, develops, hosts, and implements information-management architectures and data structures for health clients. We are also committed to building our clients’ capacity to develop and maintain health data management systems and monitor and evaluate their programs.

Because we provide technical expertise as well as deep expertise in health issues, we help our clients investigate data to extract the meaning within. From clinical trials information on the web to data coordinating centers and detailed publications, we help audiences access and make sense of complex health data.