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ICF has been at the epicenter of critical global health issues for nearly half a century, aligned with our clients to improve health outcomes and promote well-being.

Like our clients, we are health professionals who have devoted our careers to addressing complex health issues in a responsible, sustainable way. The ICF health team comprises more than 1,000 individuals who are highly respected practitioners and scientists, offering practical and insightful intellectual leadership as editors of leading publications, fellows of prestigious organizations, authors of peer-reviewed scientific literature, and frequent speakers at conferences.

Working in the government, private  sector, nonprofit, and academic worlds, we have helped our clients navigate the complex issues that are affecting the health, and the culture of health. Informed by this depth of experience, our pioneering solutions have had a positive and lasting impact on the field. Examples from the U.S include:

In the U.K. we are working with nonprofits and the National Health Service to evaluate innovative approaches to cancer care and other services. We support EU-wide action on issues such as smoking and dietary health.

Our work with organizations like United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Africa delivers the gold standard data and tools countries need to make smart choices about infectious and chronic diseases and improve health outcomes. Whether we’re conducting health-focused surveys, managing confidential data, motivating behavior change, or building the capacity of others, ICF knows how to put all the pieces together to inform data-driven decisions when time is of the essence and resources are constrained.

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