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Customer Engagement

Becoming Trusted Partners in a Distributed Energy World

Today’s utility customers expect personalized choice and control. Utilities must find new ways to engage with and reward customers for the energy choices they make.

Our teams of energy experts, data scientists, technologists, marketing strategists, and customer care experts know how to get the right message, to the right customer, at the right time and place. For decades we have helped clients harness the power of data to gain insights about the customer journey, a critical first step for utilities seeking to deepen their relevance and cultivate durable relationships.

Providing safe and reliable energy remains paramount, and ICF has the multidisciplinary experts, a proprietary engagement methodology, and the end-to-end platform that is essential to implementing new opportunities that meet customers’ evolving needs while also optimizing utility operations. Combining a spectrum of specialized services, integration of systems, and continuous customer care, we balance each utility’s customer engagement goals and their distribution operations. We foster customer loyalty through a personal, connected, anticipatory experience and position the utility as a preferred provider today and into the future.

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