Breaking silos, creating pathways

Breaking silos, creating pathways
Jan 31, 2024

A technology-forward approach for integrated public health transformation in America

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic laid bare the cracks that have existed in America's public health system for decades. As the country has emerged from the pandemic’s early phases, those challenges have remained frustratingly persistent. There is still a need to establish consistent standards for the collection, storage, and sharing of data at the federal, state, and local levels. There is still a need to hire, retain, and upskill a public health workforce that can use new digital tools and platforms effectively. And there is still a need to speed up communication and collaboration with the frontline organizations who deliver public health services to all populations.

By creating pathways to address these areas, the U.S. can better manage common and chronic public health issues like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease—and be prepared to respond to future pandemic-scale emergencies.

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