Sparking consumer Participation through shared values and beliefs

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The #1 reason consumers stop buying from a brand is lack of shared values and 81% of consumers say a brand’s values and beliefs are important to them.

These findings, drawn from our latest primary research, highlight the important role that brand values and beliefs play in sparking Participation with consumers. Shared values and beliefs can drive both customer acquisition and retention—all while deepening the emotional connection consumers have with a brand. But not acting on these truths can come at a cost.

We set out to explore the current state of how consumers perceive shared values and beliefs. In this report, we dive deep into the data and insights derived from this research to understand how shared values and beliefs influence consumers’ decision-making and provide actionable takeaways that stakeholders across organizations can apply to better engage with consumers in more relevant and meaningful ways.

Explore our report to learn about:

  • 5 key stats brands must know right now
  • The importance of values and beliefs
  • Changes across generations
  • The impacts of values and beliefs on revenue and share of wallet
  • Actions brands need to take to apply these learnings

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